td[s] is a Los Angeles based design and contracting studio focused on high quality American made cabinetry and furnishings.  Partners Dakota Witzenburg and Chad Petersen established td[s] to provide discerning customers with unique and modern solutions for their cabinetry and furniture needs, all made right here in southern California.  td[s] works with home owners, interior designers, architects, and developers on projects both small and large, and employs the industry leading materials, hardware, construction methods and finishes to make each unique project to the highest possible quality.


Kitchens and baths are the most personal and used spaces in your home, therefore they deserve special consideration.  Our goal at td[s] is to provide comprehensive solutions for effective, refined, modern cabinetry, made the right way here in southern California.  We want to collaborate with you to provide beautifully considered built in furnishings for your home or work space that are pleasing to use.  We believe that a proper kitchen should fit you like a well tailored garment.  You will invest in it, and spend a substantial part of every day in it.  You will prepare meals for your family, and for friends that you love, so much.  This space should host your guests gracefully while meeting the demands of your everyday life with style and comfort.  What does this look like for you?  We can help you find out.